Fictional Character
Appearance(s): Into the Darkness
Out of the Darkness
Type of Appearance: Direct POV
Nationality: Lagoas; later Kuusamo
Occupation: Mage
Spouse: Pekka
Children: Uto (stepson)
Relatives: Unnamed elder brother (killed in Six Years' War),
Sampaio (uncle),
Other unnamed uncles and cousins

Fernao was a Lagoan mage of the first rank. During the Derlavaian War he had several roles in the war effort, including freeing King Penda of Forthweg from his exile in Yanina, fighting in the Land of the Ice People, and developing the sorcerous project used on Gyorvar to end the war. After the war ended, he remained in Kuusamo and married Pekka.

At the start of the war Fernao served as a ship's mage on a Lagoan trade vessel. Returning from a voyage to Sibiu, he inferred from the absence of articles on theoretical sorcery in a Kuusaman journal that the Kuusamans had made a major breakthrough, potentially important to the war. Meeting with Grandmaster Pinhiero of the Lagoan Guild of Mages, he convinced the Grandmaster that he was correct, and Pinhiero sent him to Kuusamo where he met Ilmarinen, who deflected his inquiries and prevented him from learning anything (except, as he thought to himself, that there were things he badly needed to learn).

Fernao was then sent by Colonel Peixoto to the Land of the Ice People with the Lagoan expeditionary force, where he and a second-rank mage named Affonso stayed for months. Fernao was eventually badly wounded by an egg dropped by an Algarvian dragon, and flown back to Setubal by a dragon due to his being an indispensable first-rank mage. He gradually recovered from his injuries in Setubal, and was eventually sent back to Kuusamo, this time to work on the Kuusaman theoretical sorcery project which he had attempted to learn about before being wounded.

Fernao proved to be an important asset to the project and moved with the other sorcerers to a remote installation in the relatively undeveloped Naantali District, where experiments continued to release sorcerous energy based on a unification of the Two Laws (of Contagion and Similarity) which had previously been believed to govern all magic.

Algarvian sorcerers launched an attack on the project using their sacrificial magic, and Fernao chose to save Pekka from the burning ruins of the blockhouse. Fernao had fallen in love with Pekka, respecting her intelligence, and Pekka also began to develop feelings for him, though she was married with a son. Eventually the two established a sexual relationship which continued until Pekka's husband Leino was killed by Algarvian mages in Jelgava.

The Algarvians launched a second sorcerous attack on the Naantali project but Fernao cast a counterspell which was augmented by Ilmarinen, and the sorcerous energy from a routine experiment was added to the counterattack which destroyed the Algarvian mages completely. Fernao also assisted in casting the spell which destroyed Gyorvar and ended the Derlavaian War.

Pekka's guilt over her affair with Fernao stopped the relationship for a while but Pekka ended up staying with Fernao, and he moved with her to Kajaani, Pekka's hometown, where the couple was married shortly after the end of the Derlavaian War.