Fat sergeant
Fictional Character
"Uncle Alf"
POD: c. 1913
Type of Appearance: Direct (unnamed)
Nationality: Germany
Occupation: Military Police Officer
Affiliations: Feldgendarmerie

In May 1929, when Adolf Hitler returned to Feldgendarmerie headquarters after determining the probable whereabouts of Jacques Doriot, and asked for sufficient men to apprehend the criminals, a fat, stupid sergeant refused to supply him with the manpower he desired, claiming the matter was trivial and unimportant. Hitler accused the man of hating the German Empire, and called him worse than a Frenchman. The fat man accused Hitler of being insubordinate, and reported him to Brigadier Philipp Engelhardt. Hitler said he approved of that, as Engelhardt was brave and true, unlike the sergeant, which only made the sergeant angrier.[1]

When Engelhardt approved Hitler's request, the fat man gaped in a disgustingly foolish manner, causing Hitler to reflect that this German was even lower than a Frenchman, or perhaps even a Jew.[2]

The fat man came to the scene where Hitler had Doriot and his comrades trapped, and stayed to talk with Hitler after the prisoners were removed. When the fat man asked how one man entrapped the whole gang, Hitler replied "A man of iron will can do anything." The fat man walked away, dumbstruck and shaking his head.[3]


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