Fictional Character
"The Summer Garden"
Type of Appearance: Direct POV
Nationality: Kar V'Shem
Occupation: Servant

Fant was a servant of Sir Rand, a knight in the town of Sennar Kar V'Shem. In his pursuit of Dianora, the beautiful wife of a local merchant, Rand employed a mage named Portolis to create a summer garden in the dead of winter. In order to pay Portolis, Rand mortgaged all of his property and released all of his servants, save for Fant. They lived in a single room of the mansion, since Rand could no longer afford to heat the entire structure. (Rand never bothered to ask Fant's opinion on the situation.)

When Portolis conjured the garden into existence, Rand sent Fant to Dianora's home with a basket of fruit as proof. Ultimately, however, when Dianora informed Rand that she did not love him, he gave up the pursuit.

Literary comment[]

This character does not have an analog in Boccaccio's version.