Fictional Character
Shared Universe Story
Conan of Venarium
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: Gunderland
Religion: Mitraist polytheism
Date of Birth: Hyborian Age
Occupation: Farmer, briefly a soldier
Spouse: Melcer
Children: Tarnus, unnamed daughter

Evlea was a Gunderman woman who settled with her husband Melcer and six-year-old son Tarnus, on farmland which the Aquilonian Empire had recently conquered from Cimmeria. Evlea gave birth to a daughter there. During the general uprising of Cimmerian natives, Gunderman soldiers including Granth quartered at the farmhouse. Granth informally deputized Evlea as a member of the militia, giving her a soldier's helmet. Melcer and Evlea would likely have been killed in the native attack but for Melcer's grudging friendship with a native warrior named Conan. Conan gave his word to allow the family their lives if they would just return to Gunderland, which they did.