Ethel Snodgrass
Fictional Character
The Disunited States of America
POD: July, 1787
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: Virginia
Date of Birth: 21st century
Date of Death: AD 2097
Cause of Death: Measles
Occupation: Housewife
Spouse: Ted Snodgrass
Relatives: Myrtle Bentley (cousin)
Louise (cousin)
Beckie Royer (first cousin twice removed)

Ethel Snodgrass (d. 2097) was the wife of Ted Snodgrass and the first cousin of Myrtle Bentley.[1] Unlike Myrtle, who set out for California when young, Ethel stayed in her home of Elizabeth, Virginia.[2] She played host to Myrtle and her granddaughter Beckie Royer in 2097.[3] A few days after Myrtle and Beckie arrived, Virginia and its neighbor Ohio went to war. Ohio launched its offensive by releasing a tailored strain of measles into Virginia.[4] The whole of the state was put under quarantine. Myrtle and Beckie were forced to stay with the Snodgrasses rather than return to California.

Ethel eventually caught the measles,[5] and died in the Parkersburg hospital.[6]


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