Eric Katz
Fictional Character
Alpha and Omega
Set in the Future of OTL
Type of Appearance: Direct (POV)
Nationality: United States
Religion: Secular Jew
Date of Birth: 1970s
Occupation: Research Doctor in archaeology
Spouse: Previously divorce,
Orly Binur

Eric Katz was a Jewish-American archeologist working on a long term project in Israel under Yoram Louvish. Katz had lost most of the Hebrew he had learned for his bar mitzvah but it quickly came back. He had gone through a rough patch when he divorced three years earlier but had recovered enough to take up with Orly Binur, a grad student on the same project.[1]

Louvish quietly invited Katz and Binur along with Israeli-Arab Munir al-Nuwayhi to work on an irregular if not illegal dig under the Temple Mount. A hidden tunnel had been dug from a passageway to the Western Wall that went deep into the lower levels of the Mount. At the end of the tunnel Katz and Binur noticed something strange which turned out to be old stonework. Al-Nuwayhi identified the style as dating from before the Babylonian conquest making it from the period of the First Temple.[2]

Later Katz and Binur visited a museum run by the Reconstruction Alliance on the suggestion of Louvish. Katz found the organization creepy but the artifacts they had constructed fascinating. He thought the gold, silver and precious stones gaudy but the workmanship excellent. He and Binur did agree it was all wasted effort as the Third Temple would never be built.[3]


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