Fictional Character
The Case of the Toxic Spell Dump
POD: Prehistory
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: Confederated Provinces
Species: Spirit
Religion: Catholicism
Occupation: Librarian

Erasmus was the scriptorium spirit of the Thomas Brothers monastery near Angels City. He manifested in the material world as a very bookish-looking man with spectacles. EPA Inspector David Fisher, who was visiting the scriptorium to search its records for suspicious activity involving the Devonshire Land Management Consortium, found the appearance of Erasmus (whose name he had not yet learned) to be irresistibly comical. Erasmus was quite helpful in gathering the information Fisher needed.[1]

Shortly after Fisher's visit, the monastery was the victim of a terrible arson fire. Arriving at the crime scene, Fisher and Legate Shiro Kawaguchi were told that Erasmus (whose name they finally learned) had retreated wholly to the Other Side to protect himself, but that the arsonist had used spiritual fire as well, which reached across the divide. Erasmus was rescued, but was in a coma. The spiritual damage to Erasmus was represented by the visual materialization of bodily wounds and cracked spectacles. He could not be questioned for some time.[2]


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