Epsilon Eridani (ε Eri / ε Eridani) is a main-sequence star of spectral class K2. Only 10.5 light years away, it is the closest star in the constellation Eridanus, as well as the third closest star visible to the naked eye. Its age is estimated at less than a billion years. Because of its relative youth, Epsilon Eridani has a higher level of magnetic activity than the Sun, with a stellar wind 30 times as strong. Its rotation period is a relatively rapid 11.1 days, although this varies by latitude. Epsilon Eridani is both smaller and less massive than the Sun, with a lower metallicity.

Epsilon Eridani in "Herbig-Haro"Edit

The first planet in the Epsilon Eridani system was conquered by the Terran Confederacy.

Epsilon Eridani in "Manuscript Tradition"Edit

One planet orbiting Epsilon Eridani was known to contain life.

Epsilon Eridani in WorldwarEdit

Epsilon Eridani was called Rabotev by the Race. It had several planets, the second of which was inhabited by a sentient reptilian race. The planet and its people were conquered many millennia ago by the Race's Conquest Fleet led by Pssufalu the Conqueror. The entire solar system has been claimed by the Ssumaz Emperors ever since.

Epsilon Eridani is 5.5 light years away from Home.

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