Satellite Image of the English Channel

The English Channel (La Manche, literally "the Sleeve", in French), is a body of water that borders the Celtic and North Seas. It separates northern France from southern England.

English Channel in Agent of ByzantiumEdit

With Franco-Saxon pirates ravaging Anglelander shipping in the Sleeve, King Oswy sent his agents Wighard and Hilda to the Franco-Saxon lands to deal with the problem.[1]

English Channel in Crosstime Traffic Edit

In the home timeline, The English Channel was one of the only things that separated Great Britain from the European mainland, specifically France. This fact was the same across many alternates.

English Channel in "Down in the Bottomlands"Edit

The Sleeve separated the Kingdom of Morgaf from the Hereditary Tyranny of Tartesh.

English Channel in "Running of the Bulls"Edit

The Sleeve separated Dunlin from Ecnarf.


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