Fictional Work
Story: Between the Rivers
God of: The city of Gibil
Type of Appearance: Direct

Engibil was the god of Gibil, a city in the land of Kudurru. It was common among city-gods to rule their human populations, either directly or through an ensi. Engibil, however, whether due to faith in the abilities of humans or simple laziness, allowed the Giblut to be ruled by a human lugal, provided due homage and sacrifice were paid to him. Because of this, he was unpopular among his fellow, more assertive gods, who feared that he was setting a dangerous precedent. He had a particularly antagonistic relationship with Enimhursag, the god of Imhursag, located next to Gibil. However, Engibil and Enimhursag had been enemies long before either Gibil or Imhursag were built.