End of the Beginning  
Author Harry Turtledove
Cover artist Steve Stone
Language English
Series Days of Infamy series
Genre(s) Alternate history
Publisher New American Library
Publication date 2005
Preceded by Days of Infamy
End of the Beginning (NAL, 2005) is the second (and final) book in Harry Turtledove's Days of Infamy series. It picks up six weeks after the end of Days of Infamy. The Japanese have established their hold over the Hawaiian Islands and have installed Stanley Owana Laanui as a puppet king of the nominally independent nation.

The novel continues to follow the stories of a wide variety of characters.


The story focuses on the Hawaiian occupation under the tyranny of the Japanese armed forces, and the United States' preparation on retaking Hawaii. By mid-1943, the US has amassed its ships and troops to retake Hawaii, and launch another invasion attempt. The Americans quickly gain the upper hand, torpedoing the Japanese carrier IJN Zuikaku with a submarine, and sinking the IJN Akagi and IJN Shokaku in aerial attacks at the loss of only one escort carrier. The Americans, greatly aided by their new F6F Hellcat fighter, quickly gain control of the air, and gradually defeat the Japanese on Oahu. Most of the important Japanese officials and collaborators escape on a submarine as Honolulu falls, but Minoru Genda and the King and Queen of Hawaii choose to commit suicide. Following the American victory, Hawaii becomes the launching pad for the American war effort in the Pacific theater.

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