The end time (also called end times, end of time, end of days, last days, final days, doomsday, or eschaton) is a future described variously in the doctrines of several world religions (both Abrahamic and non-Abrahamic), which teach that world events will reach a climax.

The Abrahamic religions maintain a linear cosmology, with end-time scenarios containing themes of transformation and redemption. In Judaism, the term "end of days" makes reference to the Messianic Age and includes an in-gathering of the exiled Jewish diaspora, the coming of the Messiah, the resurrection of the righteous, and the world to come. Some sects of Christianity depict the end time as a period of tribulation that precedes the second coming of Jesus, who will face the Antichrist along with his power structure and usher in the Kingdom of God.

In Islam, the Day of Judgement is preceded by the appearance of the al-Masih al-Dajjal (an analog of the Antichrist), and followed by the descending of Isa (Jesus). Isa will triumph over the Dajjal, which will lead to a sequence of events ending with the sun rising from the west and the beginning of the Qiyamah (Judgment day).

End of Days in Alpha and Omega[]

The End of Days was first heralded by an unusual bovine discovered in Arkansas, of all places.[1]


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