The Empire Builder was an airship of the Sunset Airships line. It served major cities along the Pacific coast of the North American Union. One terminus was New Liverpool at the south. The airship then flew north with stops at Drakestown, West Boston and the northern terminus in Wellesley. Undoubtedly Sunset Airships would have continued the route further north but the winds north of Puget Sound made it too dangerous.[1]

The interior was decorated in an East Indian theme with the furnishings running to rattan and teak. The passengers had individual staterooms and full meal dining room facilities.[2]

In 1995, Colonel Thomas Bushell along with his adjutant Captain Samuel Stanley and Lieutenant-Colonel Felix Crooke booked passage on the Empire Builder from New Liverpool to Wellesley on their journey to Skidegate during the investigation into the theft of The Two Georges.[3]


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