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Empúries (Catalan name; in Spanish: Ampurias) is a town on the Mediterranean coast of the Catalan comarca of Alt Empordà (Spain). It was founded in 575 BC by Ancient Greek colonists from Phocaea with the name of Εμπόριον (Emporion — "market"). It was later occupied by the Romans, but in the Early Middle Ages, when its exposed coastal position left it open to marauders, the town was abandoned.

Empúries in Agent of Byzantium[]

Empurias fell to the Franco-Saxons in the autumn of 1314. Basil Argyros approached the city in the summer of 1315, during his investigation of the Franco-Saxon invasion, and was shocked to find it was still garrisoned. He considered going inland but in the end rode past it and continue to the north-east along the old legionaries coastal road towards the Pyrenees.[1]


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