Fictional Character
In High Places
POD: 1348
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: Unnamed Carthaginian colony in Iberia
Religion: Polytheism
Date of Birth: c. 2056
Occupation: Slave

Emishtar (b. circa 2056) was a local woman in an alternate where a small group of Crosstime slave traders had established an illegal portal. She had been enslaved and found herself working next to Annette Klein, who had been enslaved while in another alternate and transported to the illegal alternate as well. Emishtar spoke a Semitic language that distantly resembled the Arabic Annette spoke; Annette surmised that she was most likely a descendant of the Phoenician Carthaginians that inhabited Spain before the Roman conquest (an event that did not occur in this alternate).

Both Emishtar and Annette shared a pointed disdain for Birigida, a useless and ineffective slave, who was often subject to beatings by the guards. The two taught each other their languages over their imprisonment, becoming quite close. Emishtar was very upset when Annette vanished, going so far as blaming Jacques for not stopping her.

When Annette and Crosstime Traffic arrested the slavers, Emishtar was brought to the home timeline, an experience which left her in a state of severe culture shock. Annette comforted her and hoped a niche could be found for her, such as helping research her native alternate for the benefit of Crosstime.