Supernatural Being
"In This Season"
Type of Being: Golem
Date of Death: 1939
Cause of Death: Gunshot to the head (World War II)

A golem was sent to save the three Jewish families of Puck, Poland during Chanukah of 1939 from the fate the Nazis had in store for them. After joining the three families for Chanukah meal, the golem revealed to them the planned extermination of the Jews, and offered to lead them to safety. Along the way, Berel Friedman named the golem Emes, after the inscription on his head. The three families escaped aboard a neighbor's boat. Emes killed several German soldiers, but a lucky shot from a dying German erased the first letter of "emes" (truth) inscribed on the golem's head, changing it to "mes" (death). Emes "died".