Elena Jimenez
Fictional Character
"One Touch of Hippolyta"
by Laura Frankos

Urban Fantasy
Type of Appearance: Direct POV
Nationality: United States
Date of Birth: c. 1991
Occupation: Archaeologist, museum curator
Relatives: Great-aunt Tilly
Professional affiliations: Hiram U. Rowbotham-Finch Museum

Elena Jimenez was an American archaeologist. While a graduate student, Elena interned at the Getty Villa in Los Angeles and did field work in Turkey. After obtaining her degree, Elena landed the post of assistant curator at the Hiram U. Rowbotham-Finch Museum in Graustarkton, Massachusetts. She was not terribly proud of this achievement, as it largely depended on nepotism (from Great-aunt Tilly's connection to Adele Rowbotham-Finch), and the HURFM was not a very reputable museum. Nevertheless, the museum's claim to fame was ancient armor and weaponry, her strong points.