Below is a list of the known Emperors of the Elabonian Empire.

Carlun World-Bestrider[]

Carlun World-Bestrider, head of the Elabonian League, intervened in the Kortys-Siphnos War, annexing Sithonia to Elabon's territory. The nation was renamed the Elabonian Empire, with Carlun as the first Emperor.[1]

See also[]

  • Julius Caesar, on whom Carlun appears to be based.
  • Augustus Caesar, who may be a secondary model for Carlun.

Ros the Fierce[]

Emperor Ros the Fierce drove the Trokmoi past the river Niffet and won the land between the Kirs and the Niffet for Elabon. A statue of Ros stood at the Temple of Biton at Ikos.

Oren II[]

Oren II, the Builder was the son and successor of Ros the Fierce. His statue stood beside his father's in Ikos. Oren was known for his extravagant building projects which nearly bankrupted the Elabonian Empire, and his petty feud with Dalassenos the architect. Oren was a homosexual and never produced children.

Oren II's successor[]

The successor of Oren II hated his predecessor for ruining the treasury, and gave Dalassenos a pound of gold for coming up with a clever way to insult Oren on a bridge.[2]

Forenz II[]

Forenz II ruled over the Elabonian Empire approximately a century before Balamung's War. Forenz' cousin went to consult the Sibyl at Ikos and slipped on the rock and dirt path to the Sibyl's chamber. The staff of the Temple of Biton subsequently reconstructed the path with traveler-friendly steps and flooring.[3]

In the fifth year of his reign, Forenz taxed the Sithonians excessively, leading to a rebellion.[4]

Hildor III[]

Hildor III ruled the Elabonian Empire for over two decades, during which time Gerin the Fox, a petty baron in the northlands, rose to become a king. Gerin irritatedly regarded Hildor as a lazy, indolent do-nothing, who made little effort to send aid northward to defend the north against barbarian invasions. During Balamung's War, the Empire walled off the primary passes to the northlands, and ceased to govern them at all. This disillusioned Gerin from the Empire, and resulted in his rise to a higher title.[5] After a long reign, Hildor was assassinated by General Crebbig, who seized the throne.[6]

Crebbig the Magnificent[]

Crebbig was an Elabonian general in charge of the Sithonian garrison, during the reign of Emperor Hildor III. Crebbig was disgusted with Hildor's reign, which had seen the weakening of the Empire, including the severing of most contact with the northlands. Crebbig overthrew and assassinated Hildor, and assumed the title of Crebbig I, the Magnificent. He then began a war of reconquest to recover the lost territories, but was unsuccessful. Furthermore, the Sithonian people took advantage of this to stage their own rebellion.[7]


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