These deities were part of the Elabonian pantheon. The Elabonian Empire expanded its divine population by cultural appropriation of conquered peoples' gods, resulting in a diverse line-up.


Astis, aka Farris[1] was the Elabonian goddess of love and beauty.

Literary comment: The name Astis appears to be based on Astarte or Ishtar (among other spellings), a Semitic love goddess who is sometimes identified with the Greek Aphrodite and/or the Roman Venus.


See Baivers.


See Biton.


Darza was the consort of the god Dyaus. She was known for her wrath directed toward Dyaus' children by other women, such as his son Biton.[2]

Literary comment: Darza appears to be based on Hera.


Deinos was the Elabonian god of war.[3]

Literary comment: Deinos appears to be based on Ares, whose son was named Deimos, the Greek word for terror.


See Dyaus.


See Mavrix.


Rilyn was one of the more important Elabonian deities, to be named in an oath immediately after Dyaus.[4]


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