Edward IV of England
Historical Figure
Nationality: England
Date of Birth: 1442
Date of Death: 1483
Cause of Death: Natural causes (probably)
Religion: Catholicism
Occupation: Soldier, Royalty
Parents: Richard of York,
Cecily Neville
Spouse: Elizabeth Woodville
Children: Eight
Relatives: Richard III (brother),
Richard Neville, 16th Earl of Warwick (first cousin),
Henry VIII (grandson)
House: York
Political Office(s): King of England,
Duke of York,
Earl of various territories
Fictional Appearances:
POD: c 85,000,000 BCE;
Relevant POD: 1452
Appearance(s): "New Hastings"
Type of Appearance: Contemporary reference
Edward IV (28 April 1442 - 9 April 1483) was King of England. A member of the House of York, Edward secured the throne, with the aid of his cousin, Richard Neville, 16th Earl of Warwick ("The Kingmaker"), when they defeated the Lancastrians and Warwick gained control of London in 1461. Edward strengthened his claim with a decisive victory at the Battle of Towton in the same year, in the course of which the Lancastrian army was virtually wiped out. He nonetheless was forced from the throne in 1470, but regained it the following year, and held it until his death.

Edward IV in AtlantisEdit

Not long after securing the throne of England, King Edward IV grew displeased with the Earl of Warwick, on whose assistance he had relied to obtain the crown. Edward finally banished Warwick to Atlantis in 1470.[1][2]


Regnal titles
Preceded by
Henry VI
King of England
Succeeded by
Henry VI
Preceded by
Henry VI
King of England
Succeeded by
Edward V
Regnal titles
(Fictional Work)
Preceded by
Henry VI
King of England

Succeeded by
Edward V(?)
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