Fictional Character
POD: 20th Century(?)
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: West Coast People's Democratic Republic
Occupation: Warehouse employee

Eddie worked in a warehouse in Studio City, West Coast People's Democratic Republic under the management of Emmett Muldberg. He was a wiry man who looked like a criminal. He became relatively friendly with Charlie Simpkins. When Simpkins began using a baby stroller as a make-shift dolly, Eddie was one of the workers who followed suit. As this was against the rules, Muldberg quashed the scheme within a few days, even posting the rule against wheeled conveyances. While their co-worker Dornel Banks loudly decried the move, Eddie calmly remarked to Simpkins that it had been fun while it lasted.

However, a few days later, Eddie presented Simpkins with a petition to Muldberg's superiors to use dollies on the floor. While Simpkins expressed doubt, he signed. The following Monday, Muldberg confronted the men about their petition, promising retribution.

Simpkins assessment that Eddie looked like a criminal was fairly accurate. Eddie had ties to the local black market, and even directed Simpkins to a tobacco seller.[1]


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