East Algarve was a rump kingdom established in the eastern portions of Algarve after the Derlavaian War. The kingdom was effectively controlled by garrisons from Kuusamo, Lagoas, and other eastern kingdoms that had participated in the war against Algarve, but was formally ruled by Mainardo, brother of the late Mezentio, from the capital city Scansano. It was kept fairly strong as a foil to Unkerlant-dominated West Algarve.

The existing Algarvian police forces were retained, to continue acting as the civil police under the overall control of the occupation authorities. However. the police was purged of officers who had participated in the occupation of Forthweg and were implicated in the mass killing of Kaunians. Only in special cases where extenuating circumstances were found - such as the case of Bembo - were such officers allowed to continue serving. Algarvian prisoners captured here and implicated in war crimes were also judged by the occupiers; those found guilty, such as Lurcanio, were often executed.

Literary Note[]

East Algarve is broadly analogous with post-World War II West Germany. Its revitalization against a totalitarian opponent and purge of war criminals resembles the Allied denazification policies and rearming of West Germany.