Fictional Work
Story: Elabon Series
God of: Authority
Type of Appearance: Referenced throughout
Spouse: Darza
Children: Baivers, Biton, Mavrix (latter two disputed)

Dyaus, also known as Dyaus All-Father, was King of the Elabonian pantheon, which expanded as the Elabonian Empire grew. Dyaus was very withdrawn from human affairs by the time of Gerin the Fox.

While Gerin personally met most of the other Elabonian Deities (as well as the gods of several other pantheons) throughout his two decades of adventures and holy wars, he never once encountered Dyaus.

Literary comment[]

Dyaus is an archaic spelling of Zeus aka Jupiter/Deus Pater/Dies Piter, the Greco-Roman god on whom the character appears to be based. However, the title Allfather (Alföðr) is more commonly associated with the Norse god Odin.