Fictional Character
In High Places
POD: 1348
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: Unknown Celtic tribe in Europe
Religion: Polytheistm
Date of Birth: Late 21st century
Occupation: Slave

Dumnorix was the denizen of a low-tech alternate who was taken as a slave by rogue crosstimers from the home timeline. He was of European origin, and spoke a Celtic language similar to Breton and Erse. He knew nothing of Christianity in any form, and was a polytheist. He initially believed that many of the devices used by the advanced crosstimers, including firearms of any sort, were powerful magic. However, aside from these clues, the break-point of his timeline was never discovered.[1]

Dumnorix was soon befriended by Jacques, the denizen of another alternate, who'd been similarly enslaved. Jacques, a native French-speaker, did know enough Breton to begin communicating with Dumnorix.[2]

Over the course of their custody, Dumnorix and Jacques grew in their ability to understand one another. Jacques was even able to explain the basic mechanics of firearms to Dumnorix (although they nearly came to blows when Dumnorix expressed some doubt over what Jacques was telling him).[3]

As time passed, Jacques friend, Annette Klein, whom he knew as "Khadija", came to suspect that one of Dumnorix's people, a woman named Birigida, was not what she appeared to be. Klein was a native of the home timeline, and had been pretending to be an Arab in Jacques's world. Klein came to realize that Birigida was also from the home timeline.[4] When Birigida disappeared, Jacques asked Dumnorix about her. Dumnorix hadn't known her before he was enslaved, and thought her a fool. He didn't know what happened to her, nor did he care.[5] However, it confirmed for Klein that her suspicions about Birigida were correct. Klein located the transporter, and escaped back to her home.[6]

Concurrently, the local population began an uprising.[7] While the crosstimers were technologically superior, and successfully beat off the raid (at great cost to the crops), Klein's escape mean that supplies from the home timeline were halted. Dumnorix, sensing his captors' panic, wanted to launch an uprising, although he didn't have a plan formulated.[8] Jacques, who'd already seen one uprising fail, did his best to dissuade Dumnorix from this course. Dumnorix, however, was not inclined to listen.[9] In the end, the uprising didn't take place, as authorities from the home timeline arrived to halt the whole operation.[10]


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