Duin the Bold
Fictional Character
Appearance(s): Werenight
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: Elabonian northlands
Religion: Elabonian pantheon
Date of Death: Battle of the Werenight
Cause of Death: Slammed against the ground
Occupation: Soldier, Inventor
Parents: Borbeto the Grim

Duin the Bold was a soldier under Baron Gerin the Fox's command in the Elabonian northlands. He believed that chariot warfare was inefficient, and invented saddles and stirrups so that soldiers could ride horses into battle, rather than in carts pulled by the horses. One occasion, just before Balamung's War came to the region, Drago the Bear called him a fool for this, and the two nearly came to blows in Castle Fox' great hall, before Gerin broke them up and told them to save their killing energy for the Trokmoi.[1]

Duin rode his invention on horseback during the Battle of the Werenight, and fought valiantly, dealing a fatal wound to the demon which had killed Nordric One-Eye. However, the demon, as its last act in the world, lifted up Duin and fatally slammed him to the ground.[2]

Duin's invention lived on. Change was slow to come, but come it did, if only subliminally. By the time of the Elabonian Civil War, nearly 20 years after Duin's death, Gerin was convinced that cavalry would one day replace chariots altogether.[3]


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