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Dresden is the capital city of the German Federal Free State of Saxony. It is most famous for its contributions to art, artisanship, and opera, and most infamous for being the target of substantial aerial bombing by the British and the American forces on 13 February 1945 during World War II. During the Cold War, it was part of the Soviet-backed communist state of East Germany.

Dresden in The Man With the Iron Heart[]

Despite the fact that Anglo-American forces had leveled Dresden, it was occupied by the Soviet Union after World War II. NKVD captain Vladimir Bokov visited Dresden in the fall of 1945. A battle-hardened veteran, Bokov was nonetheless disturbed by what remained of the city.

A German Freedom Front Werewolf named Gustav Fenstermacher had attempted to suicide-bomb Russian troops. His bomb didn't detonate, and he was quickly captured. Major General Boris Antipov held Fenstermacher until Vladimir Bokov could collect him.

Dresden in Worldwar[]

Dresden was the German city where Benjamin Rubin's terrorist cell intended to detonate their stolen explosive-metal bomb in 1966. Because their truck kept breaking down on the way, they changed their destination to Kanth.[1]


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