Fictional Character
"Islands in the Sea"
POD: AD 717
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: Bulgar nation
Religion: Polytheism
Date of Birth: c. 731
Occupation: Steward

Dragomir was the steward of the Bulgar Khan Telerikh in Pliska in AD 769. He welcomed Jalal ad-Din's delegation from the Caliphate and informed Jalal that a rival delegation sent by Pope Constantine II had arrived earlier in the day.[1] Dragomir later introduced the delegations in their meeting with the Khan, performing his duties competently.[2] During an important debate about the permissibility of polygamy, Telerikh asked Dragomir how many wives Telerikh had, and Dragomir helpfully replied: forty-seven.[3]

After both delegations had pressed their suits, Jalal attempted to bribe Dragomir to tell him of the Khan's decision before the official announcement. Dragomir told Jalal that the Khan had not even confided in his steward, and Jalal commended the steward for his honesty if not his helpfulness.[4]


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