Domain-master is the title of the absolute monarchs of the feudal domains of Minervan society. The domain-master is the final authority of all goings-on within his domain. He administers his domain by appointing males to limited, specific tasks on his behalf, ranging from diplomacy to economic activity to military campaigns to menial chores. He also has access to the most mates of any male in his domain.

The domain-master comes into power through the law of primogeniture. When a domain-master dies, his eldest son assumes the title. If his eldest son has predeceased him, the eldest son's own sons are next in line. If there are no sons from the eldest son's line, his second son inherits the position. If he has no living sons at all, his oldest living brother is next in line, followed by nephews, first cousins, et cetera. Since every male in the domain is related to the domain-master in some fashion or other, the order of succession is well known.

It is not unheard of for a domain-master to be overthrown by a neighbor and have a male from the neighboring domain installed in his place. During the Skarmer-Omalo War, Hogram attempted to replace Reatur with Fralk in this fashion, and Reatur sometimes considered replacing Dordal with Enoph.

Known Domain-masters[]