Discreet individual
Fictional Character
Set in the Future
Appearance(s): Direct POV, unnamed
Nationality: Hyperion, Federacy
Date of Birth: 27th century FSY
Date of Death: 2687 FSY
Cause of Death: Injected with poison
Occupation: Criminal, assassin

A discreet individual, operating out of New Westwood near the University of Hyperion, had contacts with the Survey Service. In 2687 FSY, External Affairs Director Roupen Hovannis hired this discreet individual to destroy the evidence which had been leaked to Professor Isaac Fogelman regarding the truth about the Jeng Ho's discovery on Bilbeis IV the previous year. The discreet individual was hired to break into the Professor's home and erase all incriminating files. While he was in the process of doing this, the Professor returned from a midnight bathroom trip, and caught the discreet individual in the act. Although his orders did not include murder, the discreet individual calmly shot the Professor through the head with a silenced firearm. He then ransacked the room to make it look like an ordinary burglary, and left the scene with no qualms of conscience.[1]


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