Fictional Character
"The Summer Garden"
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: Kar V'Shem
Spouse: Ansovald

Dianora was the wife of Ansovald, a merchant in the town of Sennar, Kar V'Shem. Dianora was renowned for both her beauty and her kindness. Many men courted her. However, she was completely devoted to her husband, and with time all of suitors moved on, save one: Sir Rand. Determined to end his courting, but also unwilling to be cruel, Dianora pledged to give herself to Rand if he could produce a garden full of summer fruits and flowers in the middle of winter. She hoped that he'd find the pledge impossible, and move on to other loves.

Instead, Rand employed a mage named Portolis, who created the garden. When Rand sent his servant Fant with a basket of fruits and flowers to Dianora, she realized he'd made good on his oath; she now understood how Rand had fallen into poverty in the meantime. She consulted her husband, who advised her to tell the truth and ask Rand to release her from her pledge. Ansovald also told her that if Rand would not release her, honor demanded that she giver herself to the knight. Ansovald assured her he would not hold this against her.

Dianora did as Ansovald commanded. While Rand was initially thrilled to see her, when she affirmed that she did not love him, and that her pledge was an attempt to dissuade him from further courting. Rand released her from her pledge and sent her home.

However, Portolis so impressed by Rand's selflessness, he decided to return the gold he'd taken for his services to Rand.

Literary comment[]

Unlike the other characters in "The Summer Garden," Dianora has the same name as her counterpart in Il Decameron, decima giornata, novella quinta, by Giovanni Boccaccio.