Dett's father
Fictional Character
The Sea Mother's Gift
Historical Fantasy
Type of Appearance: Direct, unnamed
Nationality: Indigenous Orcadians
Religion: Mother of the Sea
Date of Birth: Late 13th century BC
Occupation: Fisherman, Merchant, Politician
Parents: Glin (mother)
Spouse: Unnamed late wife
Children: Dett, Mebaw (sons);
Numerous others, unnamed
Relatives: Talloc (brother);
Glinaw (nephew);
Fummirrul, Joloc, Rarpibb, Orrul (grandchildren)

Dett's father was an elder of their Orcadian village. Despite their advanced age, Father and his brother Talloc were still capable of going on fishing and trading voyages to the Great Island. In 1158 BC, Dett, who had been given prophetic dreams from the Seafolk for the past two years, reported that his latest dream told him that the monster Klevey was departing, ending the reign of terror. Dett's father and the council agreed that this only portended good omens.[1]


  1. The Sea Mother's Gift, p. 314. The father is also referenced fleetingly at other points in the story.
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