Fictional Character
The Sea Mother's Gift
Historical Fantasy
Type of Appearance: Direct POV
Nationality: Indigenous Orcadians
Religion: Mother of the Sea
Date of Birth: Early 12th century BC
Occupation: Rancher, unwilling amateur prophet
Parents: Unnamed father
Spouse: Jolpibb (d. 1160 BC);
Children: Fummirrul (son);
Joloc (daughter);
Rarpibb (daughter);
Orrul (son);
Others unnamed
Relatives: Mebaw (brother);
Talloc (uncle);
Glinaw (first cousin);
Glin (grandmother)

Dett was a sheep rancher in the Orkney Islands when the Day of Darkness occurred. Shortly after this terrifying event, Dett had an encounter - which may or may not have been a waking dream - with the evil demigod Klevey, assistant to Lord Father Winter.