Detinan Civil War
Location Detina
Result Southron victory; serfdom is abolished
The North The South
Commanders and leaders
King Geoffrey

Duke Edward of Arlington
General Thomas the Brick Wall
Count Joseph the Gamecock
General Bell
General James of Broadpath
General Peegeetee of Goodlook
General Patrick the Cleaver
General Otho the Troll
General Roast Beef William
General Leonidas the Priest
General Pembert
Earl Early the Jubilant
General Provincial Prerogative
General Dan of Rabbit Hill

King Avram of Detina

Marshal Bart
General Hesmucet
General Guildenstern
General Doubting George
General Brinton the Bold
General John the Lister
General Whiskery Ambrose
General Oliver
Mage Alva

The Detinan Civil War was a military conflict between the provinces of the Kingdom of Detina with False King Geoffrey's forces on one side and King Avram's on the other.

The seeds of the war were sown at King Buchan's death. He was succeeded by his son, Avram, a man firmly against serfdom. Even before he ascended to the throne, he had stated that he would do everything in his power to free the blond serfs.

The north, who relied mostly on the serfs, declared that Avram had no right to confiscate their serfs and chose Geoffrey, a nephew of King Buchan, as their new king. King Avram, along with likeminded officers in the Detinan army, maintained that the Detina could not break into two, and declared war on the new kingdom.

At first, it looked as if the north was winning with their superior soldiers and sorcery. But the south's overwhelming manpower and huge number of manufactories, glideway lines and sorcerers began to tell. Though Duke Edward of Arlington and his Army of Southern Parthenia cultivated an image of invincibility, they were defeated at Essoville. With Marshal Bart commanding the southrons in the Western Theater, the Duke had met his match and soon had his forces penned up and besieged at Pierreville.

The front in the east was doomed from the start for the northerners due to inept command of Thraxton the Braggart. The fact that the northern host was outnumbered didn't help. After the defeat at Sentry Peak and Proselytizers' Rise, Thraxton was replaced by Joseph the Gamecock whose strategy seemed to be retreat and defend. Most of Franklin Province was lost this way.

Due to this and inside quarrels, Joseph the Gamecock was replaced by the even more incompetent and erratic command of Bell, who blindly attacked targets. This decimated the Army of Franklin.

During this time, the southrons were commanded by a succession of leaders: Marshal Bart, General Hesmucet and Doubting George. While the first two were instrumental in the defeat of the northerners, Doubting George was the one who destroyed the outnumbered and outgunned Army of Franklin outside of Ramblerton.

The north lost the war to the southrons and serfdom was soon abolished in all of Detina.