Fictional Character
"Farmers' Law"
Set in OTL
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: Byzantine Empire
Religion: Eastern Orthodox
Date of Birth: 8th century
Occupation: Blacksmith
Spouse: Sophia

Demetrios was the blacksmith of the village of Abrostola. He was among the people who'd developed a conflict with the prosperous farmer Theodore, and was a possible suspect in Theodore's murder. Demetrios had built a mill the year before, but because it took too much water out of the Lalandos to allow Theodore to water his wheat, the Farmers' Law required that the mill stand idle.[1]

Demetrios came to Father George's attention when Demetrios' wife, Sophia, accused another farmer, John, of committing the murder and spreading falsehoods about her husband.[2]

However, after a chance comment from his daughter, Maria, Father George realized Theodore's killer must have been left-handed, as Theodore had been hit on the right side of his head. Moreover, as the killer and the victim had been face-to-face in the attack, George realized that the killer would have to someone who routinely carried a blunt instrument, or Theodore would have been on his guard.[3]

Demetrios was left-handed and commonly carried his hammer. When confronted, Demetrios tried to escape, but was taken into the custody by the village.[4]


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