Fictional Character
"Natural Selection"
by Laura Frankos

Science Fiction
Type of Appearance: Direct
Species: Hripirt
Occupation: Diplomat
Professional affiliations: Hripirt Selection Center

Delip was an agent of the Hripirt Selection Center. Her job was to select which elite number of humans from Earth would be allowed a work visa to enter Hripirt. Delip was stationed in New York City, which gave her a convenient opportunity to study the diverse cultures which lived in the metropolis.

Delip was a bit confused by Broadway, where dozens of humans dressed the same, acted the same, and stood in the same endless lines for performances of live actors. Nevertheless, she attended a performance of Cats. While she was confused by the concept of human actors playing small domestic beasts who act just like humans, she enjoyed the play's Tiplian moral structure. In addition, she found the fictional screening process, which provided the play's central conflict, to be very much like her own job.

One night at the Drones Club, she discussed her Broadway experience with fellow screeners Mullnor and Bingokk, who were a bit surprised that she was able to appreciate a work of Terran drama. Bingokk admitted that the Terrans' obsession with standing in line to watch live actors made more sense than doing it for dead ones.

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