David Ware
Fictional Character
Set in the Future
Appearance(s): Direct POV
Nationality: Federacy
Date of Birth: 12th century FSY
Date of Death: Late 12th or early 13th century FSY
Cause of Death: Unrevealed
Occupation: Anthroplogist, astronaut
Professional Affiliations: Survey Service;
Crew of the Leeuwenhoek

David Ware was a Federacy anthropologist aboard the Survey Service starship Leeuwenhoek, which was sent to the planet Bilbeis IV in 1186 FSY. Ware developed an intense admiration for Queen Sabium of Helmand, a petty despot who showed a remarkably humane and progressive attitude toward improving the well-being of her people. Since Sabium was also terminally ill with cancer, Ware was faced with a dilemma, and made a controversial decision that resonated throughout history.