David Goldfarb
Fictional Character
POD: May 30, 1942
Appearance(s): In the Balance
Type of Appearance: Direct POV
Species: Human
Nationality: United Kingdom, later Canada
Date of Birth: c. 1919
Date of Death: Unknown, after 1995
Religion: Judaism
Occupation: Radar operator; Inventor
Parents: Saul Goldfarb
Spouse: Naomi Goldfarb
Children: All unnamed
Relatives: Unnamed siblings;
Russie family (cousins)
Military Branch: Royal Air Force (c. 1939-1963)
(World War II,
Race Invasion of Tosev 3)
Professional Affliations: Saskatchewan River Widget Works, Ltd.
Political Party: Labour Party

David Goldfarb (b. c. 1919) was a British radar technician. His immediate family were Jews who fled from the pogroms in Poland before World War I. His aptitude for electronics landed him in a radar station during World War II, where he served in the Royal Air Force during and after the Battle of Britain. Just prior to the Race's invasion in May 1942, Goldfarb spotted a "pixie" on his radar, an object going at incredible speed. During the ensuing war between the Lizards and Humans, Goldfarb aided experiments in airborne radars and jet fighters, rescued his cousin Moishe Russie from imprisonment in Lizard-held Poland, and took part in defeating the Race Invasion of the United Kingdom in 1943.

During the post-1944 peace, Britain grew increasingly close to Nazi Germany, with Oswald Mosley and the British Union of Fascists making life ever more difficult for Jews. Despite managing a posting for himself in low-profile Belfast, Northern Ireland (where the local Catholics and Protestants were too busy hating each other to bother about a lone Jew), Goldfarb found himself exploited by his superior officer Basil Roundbush, who forced him to smuggle some ginger through Marseilles in German-occupied France in 1962. Here he met ginger-smugglers Rance Auerbach and Pierre Dutourd. Goldfarb was arrested by Nazi authorities, but Fleetlord Atvar, urged by Russie, intervened to save his life. After that experience Goldfarb, with the help of his wartime friends Jerome Jones and George Bagnall, resigned from the RAF and resettled his family in Edmonton, Canada.

Goldfarb quickly found employment with the Saskatchewan River Widget Works, Ltd. He used his knowledge of electronics to reproduce some of the Race's technology and create his own inventions, such as caller ID and the Furry.

Goldfarb was found and targeted again by Basil Roundbush in 1965. This time, however, Goldfarb received unexpected aid from Rance Auerbach, who'd felt guilty about Goldfarb's arrest in France, even though he wasn't responsible. Auerbach used his connections among the Nazis to bring about the death of Roundbush, leaving Goldfarb to live the rest of his life in relative peace.

Goldfarb was still living in Canada in 1995, as his younger cousin Doctor Reuven Russie (son of Moishe) reported when asked by Senior Researcher Ttomalss.