Fictional Character
The Tale of Krispos
Videssos Series
Appearance(s): Krispos Rising;
Krispos of Videssos
Type of Appearance: Direct, with posthumous references in Krispos the Emperor
Nationality: Empire of Videssos
Religion: Phos-Worship
Cause of Death:
Occupation: Empress
Parents: Rhisoulphos
Spouse: Anthimos III
Children: Phostis, Evripos, Katakolon
Relatives: Evripos senior (grandfather)

Dara was Empress Consort of the Empire of Videssos, as the wife of Avtokrator Anthimos III. She was usually ignored by her husband, who spent most of his nights partying at his galas and fooling around with courtesans. As a result, she started having night-time liaisons with the avtokrator's vestiarios, Krispos. Dara did help her husband at times, such as assisting him in removing his uncle Petronas from power. When Anthimos let it be known that he was going to kill Krispos, Dara warned the chamberlain, thus indirectly helping in the death of the avtokrator. A week later, after Krispos was crowned avtokrator, she told the new emperor that she was pregnant; whether the unborn child was Krispos or Anthimos', she could not say. She married Krispos a few days later in a ceremony conducted by Gnatios, Patriarch of Videssos and a man she despised, as she made clear when Krispos removed him from his post a few days later.