Fictional Character
The Valley-Westside War
POD: Unknown
First stated POD: 1961
Relevant POD: Summer, 1967
Type of Appearance: Direct POV
Nationality: The Valley
Religion: 'Scientific'
Date of Birth: c. 2080
Occupation: Soldier

Dan was an archer-conscript in Zev of the Valley's army. He served in the conquest of the Westside and its subsequent occupation.

During the occupation, Dan became aware of the Mendozas, a family of historians from the home timeline, because of their suspicious behavior but mostly because of Liz Mendoza's beauty. However, Liz had no affection whatsoever for him, because of his superstitious religion and ignorance and avoided him lest he realize her real origins. But Dan was intelligent enough to realize that the Mendozas were not what they seemed and that they were from another world.

During his final meeting with Liz, he found that his suspicions were correct and asked why an entity that had the ability to help his world didn't do so. He was physically beaten by Liz, to his shame.