"Damnyankee" or "Damn Yankee" is an especially perjorative variant of the slang term "Yankee", used primarily in the Southern United States (for a while the Confederate States) to describe Northerners during and immediately after the American Civil War.

Damnyankee in Southern Victory[]

"Damnyankee" was a derogatory term for citizens of the United States commonly used by citizens of the Confederate States at least since the time of the War of Secession.

However, with the passage of time it on some occasions lost that connotation and became merely descriptive, especially when used by Negroes in the Confederacy who picked up the term from their white neighbors. For example, Jonathan Moss, when wandering the Confederate countryside in the company of Black guerrillas during the Second Great War, heard an old sharecropper stating "Damnyankees is okay".