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Damascus is the capital and largest city of Syria. It is the oldest continuously inhabited city in the world.

Damascus in Alpha and Omega[]

Israeli planes bombed Damascus, killing the President of Syria for his alleged complicity in the dirty bombing of Tel Aviv.[1]

Damascus in Crosstime Traffic[]

In the home timeline, Damascus was destroyed in 2033 by an atomic bomb in a terrorist attack. Even as late as 2096, no one had claimed responsibility, and the culprit was unknown, although there was no shortage of suspects, including Syrian rebels, Israel, Turkey and the United States.

Damascus in "Curse of the Three Demons"[]

In the mid 13th century, the merchant Sa'id ibn Hawqal traveled from Damascus to China, where he had a supernatural adventure.

Damascus in "Departures"[]

It was while on a trading run to Damascus that Mouamet thought he heard the Archangel Gabriel tell him to follow a Christian monk preaching in the marketplace. This led Mouamet into a monastic life at Ir-Ruhaiyeh, where he composed sublime hymns.

Decades later, the invading Persians forced the monks to flee. Abbot Isaac, briefly considered moving the monastery to Damascus, but feared it might also fall to the Persians.

Damascus in "Islands in the Sea"[]

Damascus was the lifelong hometown of Jalal ad-Din, a soldier and diplomat who went on the 769 mission that converted the Bulgar people to Islam.


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