Dagref the Whip
Fictional Character
Appearance(s): King of the North;
Fox and Empire
Type of Appearance: Direct
Species: Human
Nationality: North Elabon
Religion: Elabonian pantheon
Occupation: Soldier, Prince
Parents: Gerin the Fox and Selatre
Relatives: Duren (paternal grandfather);
Blestar (maternal grandfather);
Duren (half-brother);
Clotild (sister),
Blestar (brother);
Geroge and Tharma (informally adopted siblings)

Dagref was the oldest child of Gerin the Fox and Selatre, King and Queen of a large part of the Elabonian northlands. His older half-brother Duren was the grandson of Baron Ricolf the Red, and inherited Ricolf's Keep. This possible conflict of interest made it unclear whether Duren or Dagref would inherit Gerin's wider holdings.[1]

Dagref came of age during the Elabonian Empire's attempt to retake the northlands, and came to be known as Dagref the Whip for his prowess with said weapon.


  1. King of the North, generally.