Fictional Character
"The More it Changes"
POD: September, 1666
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: Kingdom of Poland
Religion: Catholicism
Date of Birth: c. 1730s
Occupation: Tavern-keeper

Czeslaw was a Polish tavern-keeper in Kolomija. He was friendly enough with Yitzkhak the cobbler. In August, 1772, Yitzkhak was headed for the town's market when he met Czeslaw, who had just purchased a quantity of plum-wine. Czeslaw said the market was busy, as road conditions were excellent, permitting people to travel a great distance to Kolomija. There was a downside: more custom meant Kolomija attracted more attention, and word in the market was that Sabbatean haidamacks were gathering. Both men invoked their respective religions when they prayed that the haidamacks would stay away. Both could remember attacks stretching to their youths.

When the haidamacks did come that winter, Czeslaw joined a group of defenders, bringing his pistol. When he took stock of the defenders, he remarked to Yitzkhak that their best hope was that the haidamacks would see the men of Kolomija and laugh themselves to death. When Yitzkhak asked Czeslaw why he decided to fight if that's how he felt, Czeslaw admitted that if he simply converted, he'd hate himself. Yitzkhak agreed with that sentiment.

Literary noteEdit

Czeslaw's fate is not described.

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