Cyclone Chemicals Company of Little Rock, Arkansas was a major manufacturer of chemicals in the Confederate States in the 1940s. One popular product was a pesticide used to exterminate pests in homes and businesses. While intended for insects, it would also kill rodents and other animals including pets and humans. As such it needed to be handled with care.

In 1942 Cullen Beauregard Slattery, VP of Cyclone, met with Group Leader Jefferson Pinkard, the commandant of Camp Determination, to discuss the potential use of this gas to expedite the "Population Reduction" process at the Camp. The meeting concluded with Pinkard contracting with Cyclone to provide the gas for use in "bath-houses" in the camp.

At the end of the war, disgusted US officials intended to try the company management for Crimes against Humanity.

Literary CommentEdit

In OTL, Zyklon B (German for "Cyclone B") was a chemical agent used in the same capacity.

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