"Curse of the Three Demons"  
Arabesques 2.jpg
Author Harry Turtledove
First Appearance Arabesques 2
Publisher Avon
Reprinted No
Collected No
Genre(s) Fantasy
Publication date 1989

"Curse of the Three Demons" is a short story by Harry Turtledove, first published in Arabesques 2, edited by Susan Shwartz, Avon 1989. It has not been reprinted.

The story is set only a few years after Hulagu Khan's siege of Baghdad in 1258. Sa'id ibn Hawqal is a merchant from Damascus who travels deep into the Mongol Empire to the city of Kaifeng during the reign of Kubilai. After being cheated, he curses the local governor, who angrily curses Sa'id with three Mongol demons in retaliation.

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