Fictional Character
"Of Mice and Chicks"
Type of Appearance: Direct
Occupation: Nobility, soldier
Parents: Baron Howard
Spouse: Unnamed wife

Curls was the son of Baron Howard. Although newly hired mercenary Lani thought he was cute, her mentor Georgia recognized him as spoiled, cold-hearted, and with the personality of a serpent. Curls' wife was a great beauty with an abundance of vanity and a total lack of morals, and also attracted Lani's eye.

Curls rode alongside Georgia and Lani in the battle against Baron Ritz' forces. When they returned to Castle Howard to celebrate, Curls' wife went missing. Georgia and Curls went searching for her, and soon found her in the stables in a ménage a trois with Lani and Howard's top sergeant Slim Jim. Curls would have drawn his sword in a murderous rage, but Georgia clobbered him with a beer mug. Georgia and Lani fled the castle together, and the wife and Slim Jim followed them soon after.

Literary comment[]

Curls is based on the character Curley from Of Mice and Men. His surname Howard is probably a reference to comedian Curly Howard.