The Crown of India was a large British passenger liner in the late 19th century. Consulting detective Athelstan Helms and Doctor James Walton, travelled back to Britain from Atlantis on board her after Helms uncovered a government conspiracy to frame the House of Universal Devotion for a series of murders. The announcement roiled Atlantean society leading the government to refuse to pay Helms' fee. The fact that his contract was signed by one of the conspirators gave legal cover to this action. Fortunately, the passage was prepaid so the two could return home.

When Helms and Walton arrived at their shipboard suite, they at first thought there had been some mistake since two strikingly beautiful women were already in it. However, they explained that they were Handmaidens of the Spirit sent by The Preacher as thanks for services rendered. As Walton exclaimed "This could be a jolly interesting voyage home" Helms placed a "Do Not Disturb" sign on the door.[1]


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