Fictional Character
by Laura Frankos
"The Njuggle"
Set in OTL
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: Scotland
Date of Birth: 19th Century
Occupation: Fisherman
Relatives: Magnus and Johnnie (brothers)
Einar Haruldsoun (uncle)
Unnamed aunt, Rasmus Haruldsoun (cousin)
Aunt Sinnie
Olav Larsen (grandfather)

Johnnie and his brothers Magnus and Donald lived in Shetland. They were deep-sea fishermen, working for their uncle Einar Haruldsoun, and his sons. In 1875, a storm killed Einar's eldest sons (Magnus' cousins) and badly injured his grandfather, Olav Larsen. Einar's remaining son, Rasmus, began fishing with the family.[1]

Johnnie, like Donald, showed respect for Olav's knowledge of folklore. Magnus was overtly skeptical; Johnnie boxed Magnus' ears when they were alone to insure Magnus was respectful.[2]


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