Cottbus is the capital of Unkerlant and the power center of King Swemmel of Unkerlant. During the Derlavaian War the forces of Algarve came near enough to see the tallest buildings of Cottbus, but were beaten back and never came that close again.

The city is located at the junction of the Cottbus and Astal rivers. It buildings all have their roofs slopes slanted to make sure the snow falls to the ground instead of collecting on the roof.

Villagers in the countryside viewed people from Cottbus, indeed people from all urban areas with scorn, a mutual feeling. Also, visitors from the city were mainly inspectors and army impressers which only added to the animosity.

Literary comment[]

Cottbus is the name of a university in Brandenburg, Germany.

Cottbus' role in the World War II metaphor is based on Moscow.