Coradin Honeymouth
Fictional Character
Type of Appearance: Direct
Occupation: Mercenary
Spouse: None

Coradin was a mercenary. He was nicknamed "Honeymouth" . The most obvious reason for this was his propensity for swearing. Coradin was remarkable for his ability to ride a unicorn without being overwhelmed by sexual arousal, an unavoidable fact for people who were no longer virgins. How he was able to do this was mystery, especially as Coradin was notorious for wenching. Coradin was quite cagey about the truth, claiming he was a virgin.

Count Rupen of Iveria was desperate to know the secret, and so ordered his seneschal Milo to make a substantial financial offer to Coradin. Coradin, while reluctant at first, was tempted by the large sums of money Rupen offered. However, Rupen's rival Gui learned that Rupen was going to try to take a valley that both men disputed. Coradin agreed to fight for Rupen's army, very nearly getting killed in the process when he was knocked from his unicorn. Milo then helped to rescue Coradin.

After the battle, Coradin brought a wench named Vylla back to his room at the Jadeflower inn. Milo's room was next door, and the walls that separated them were thin. Milo learned Coradin's secret: Coradin was in fact a virgin in so far as he'd only ever performed cunnilingus. This was the source of his nickname. Milo gloated so to Coradin the next morning.